Started a Crowdfunding Project… Now What

Congratulations on starting your first project. You will soon find out that a successful crowdfunding project is a full-time job.

What to do next…

Now that you have created a project it is time to promote.

Did you know that successful crowdfunding projects gain their momentum before they start?

When you see a crowdfunding project gaining momentum in the first few days it is not by accident. You must talk it up and enroll everyone you see that your project matters. While everyone says they support you, let’s face it, dollar votes win all.

The first 20 % of funding for most successful projects comes from a list of people you already know. Strangers don’t feel compelled to give until they see hope that a project will be successful.

If you have not been promoting your project to your family, friends and clients it is about that time!!

Most successful crowdfunding projects get 80 % of their funding through large investments. If you do not have a large reward offering you may still create one in your project editor.

If your story inspires people to give than you have already won. That being said most anonymous givers are less concerned with the price and more focused on the cause. Give them the opportunity to give a little, and give a lot.

Like any sale, the cost of acquiring a client takes way more resources than keeping an existing client engaged. Simply put, your success depends on 2 things. The amount of goodwill you provide, and the number of offerings you make available.

If someone has already given to your project the hard work is done. Now it is time to reach out and thank them but more importantly… OFFER THEM MORE STUFF!

Now that you have them engaged and on your email list keep them updated. Crowdfunding is less about you and more about the way your story touches others. You have already provided the goodwill so let them know what their contributions have supported, and give them the opportunity to keep supporting.

I hope these tips are helpful in your success.


Make it fun, keep your project funders involved, and don’t be shy. Good luck out there and please reach out for any assistance you may need.