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The Challenge:

To enable Sierra's hands to become functional such that she can drive a motorised wheelchair (amongst other things). Open hands for a child with Cerebral Palsy does not mean functional hands. Please SUPPORT NOW by contributing or sharing this with your friends. We have little time left to make this miracle a reality for Sierra!!!

My husband and I, with the help of many 'Sierra's Angels' were able to get Sierra's hands to open from what were tight fists through the use of Stem Cell therapy in her early years. We used her own stem cells from her hip bone and it loosened the tightness across her back and arms enabling her hands to open and stay open for the first time. We have enabled Sierra's hands to stay open with the use of Botox, hand splints and physiotherapy. It's now time to put these hands to work!

The first challenge will be to once again loosen Sierra's upper body (this time with stretching and more Botox) such that she can get the most from a physiotherapy intensive focussed on enabling her hands. The intensive will then need to be followed up by Shane and my efforts by applying a home program to embed the progress made over 6-12 months.

Will Sierra be able to use her hands?

That is why we created this project.

This project is about giving Sierra Rose the use of her hands for the first time ever and access to a world that perhaps we take for granted. After years of taking on different challenges and giving Sierra access to the world through global treatment for cerebral palsy,  we are now focussing on getting Sierra the right physiotherapy to gain functionality of her hands for the first time. Previously we enabled Sierra to use her eyes. It was a complete miracle. She went from having virtually no ability to focus to having almost normal vision from using contact lenses and therapy accessed through an eye doctor in Prague. This doctor was one of two people across the world providing this treatment.

Here you see Sierra using her eyes to command a computer to speak for her. Her first word on the computer was "Hello!" She now uses it in her class at school every day. The new therapy for Sierra's hands will allow Sierra to grasp, enabling her to move her wheelchair at school and around the home. This would be a level of independence that was never thought possible. Just imagine a life without the use of your hands and then imagine what gaining that function would provide - it is totally different world! And you can give her that chance. It will take an intense focus of energy, physiotherapy and money to pay for the training. Your donations will make this possible. Karen, Shane and Sierra

What Can You Do To Help Create a Miracle for Sierra?

Start Here:

Please pick a funding level to the right and give what you can.

There are 2 types of funding levels:

Straight Giving:

One form is straight giving to help Sierra be able to use her hands. This has the most direct impact as there is no cost of rewards offered so the funds go directly to treatment. With this type of funding the reward is helping another human being and changing their life in a profound way.

Give with a Reward:

The other form of funding comes with a physical reward. We are offering Sierra's Angels T-shirts which have a beautiful picture of hands with thumbs crossed which represent the angel wings. All donations of 100$ or more will receive this beautiful shirt.

We will use the funds raised less the cost of the T-shirt(s) to go to help Sierra and the reward is designed to help raise awareness. This is perfect if you are holding a fundraiser. You wearing the T-shirt will promote the cause, or it could be used as a gift to someone who is making a larger donation to your fundraising efforts.

Stacking On The Cool with HumanityProject.com:

Whether you decide to fund using straight giving or with a reward you are helping not only Sierra but also untold others through HumanityProject.com and their "Humanity Funds". HumanityProject.com is a Benefits Corporation and uses fees raised to support the platform and uses their Humanity Funds to further humanity focused causes.

Next Step:

After you have funded you will get your receipt will appear with links to share the project. You can always come back and share the project and help raise awareness using the links below the video as well. Share This Project on your Facebook, Twitter, Google +, email and text.

Progress and Updates for Sierra's Angels:

Once you have made the decision to help and taken action, you will have access to your dashboard on HumanityProject.com and will get progress reports, you can create projects of your own or even a project for the benefit of Sierra or another cause. IF you want to give but don't see the specific amount you want.

Every Dollar Counts and Matters. Once your one of Sierra's Angels we will keep you updated on the difference you have made.


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