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Why We Created This Project

Right now we are still reeling from what happened in Paris as a coordinated terrorist attacks killed so many.

We have no idea exactly what help will be needed for Paris or for the families impacted...

What we do know is that as time passes ... HELP WILL BE NEEDED!

What is This Project About?

This project is to have funds available for those agencies, groups and organizations and families as things unfold.

Instead of waiting - We are taking action NOW as we know for sure that Action will have to be taken and help will absolutely need to be given.

Why This Matters

Moving forward we will vet and work with families, relief agencies and organizations that are making a difference and helping with the recovery efforts and update the project and donors of the where, why and the difference their funds have made.

At HumanityProject.com - we understand that this will be a process of healing and helping and we are committed to doing whatever it takes and whatever is possible on our end to get the funds raised by our global community on this project...

(1) To Organizations, Families and Agencies that will be working for extended periods of time in the wake of this tragedy.

(2) Keep the Donors to this Project up to date and in the Loop on where the money is going, what is happening in Paris and what difference we are making together.

What is the Goal Amount of this Project?

The short answer actually comes from another question...

"How much good do we want to do in the world?" 

Answer to Both: As Much As We Can!

What Can I Do to Help?

Obviously money doesn't solve every problem, but it does solve some and is a resource to get the systems in place to solve others.

(1) Select a Giving Level and Give what you can. Every amount is going to matter as this goes on.

Awareness is a big deal - The attacks were a single event but the consequences are long lasting and far reaching.

You will be given the option to give via: PayPal, Credit Card which is instant or Offline.

Offline Giving

Select The Level of Giving - A Receipt will be generated and Show up on the Totals for the project and you will get Updates as well. Instructions will also be located in your Dashboard.


Re: Peace For Paris Project

7 Launch Way 

Fishers, In. 46038

(2) Share this project on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Keep the conversation going and let others know we Stand Together that These Lives Matter!

(3) Get the Free "Humanity Project Peace for Paris" Awareness Image...

(Right Click & Save Image As)

(4) Use it wherever you want!  (Ie: Facebook Profile, Website, Twitter Image, etc. and share it with your friends...)

These Problems are Bigger than Any of US - But They Are NOT Bigger than ALL of US!
Jonathan Partlow - CEO

Creative Crowdfunding Corporation - A Public Beneifits Corporation  | HumanityProject.com


We will be updating the FAQ page frequently as things change and we know more about how we can fulfill on our mandate.

Q. Who is HumanityProject.com?

A. HumanityProject.com is Public Benefits Corporation or "B Corp".

Our Corporate Mandate: Why we exist and the metrics we use judge all of our actions, culture and model...

"Make a material and substantial difference for the betterment of Humanity." 

We (Creative Crowdfunding Corporation & HumanityProject.com) are a Benefits Corporation that was formed to make a substantial impact for the good of humanity and society.

As one of fewer than 1500 (at the time of formation) Benefits Corporations in the world we believe in Social Entrepreneurship and that business can and should be done in a way that benefits others.

To us, that is more than some words thrown together.

It is the metrics by which we judge and evaluate everything we do.

We proudly and firmly stand beside our project creators, project backers and those that benefit from the generous sharing of the community.

Q: What is the Goal Amount?

The short answer comes from the question - "How much good do we want to do in the world?" 

A. The answer to BOTH questions is "As Much As We Can!"

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