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So that we can all show our love and appreciation for Jim and Sarah.

We are redoing there outdoor living space. This includes a deck makeover, patio furniture, landscaping, and grill.

This is the current deck. We are replacing all of the deck boards, repainting the deck, and adding some privacy lattice around the sides.

The overall cost of this makeover will be about 1500 dollars.

The new deck will be a great place for Jim to do his yoga!!    

Wayne and Barb are also going to use their  skills and do some landscaping around the deck.

On top of the labor, we have a giant card floating around Alibi's Grill for all of us to sign. If you cannot make it into Alibi's before next week, can't join us Saturday, or you live out of town, just notify any contact from the bottom of this page and we will add your message to the card.

We all have different skills and resources so there are more ways to help than just giving money!!

How to give...

You may click support now on the side of this page and donate directly to the Jim and Sarah Love Fund. All funds donated go directly to the Jim and Sarah Love Fund.

You may also give by cash or check (see details below).

This isn't just about raising the money to complete the tasks. We would love all who can attend to come to the deck party on Saurday July 18th and sign the card. Please see below for all of the details around the project.

Heres the plan...


Everyone on the team is important to the success of the overall project and we are all leading the way. Below lays out some of the main specific projects/tasks that need to happen along with the specific leads, action items, and deadlines. Thank you again for all your help!



Action Step:

Present this opportunity to everyone that you know that has been positively effected by Jim and Sarah. Start with yourself with a contribution that you can afford, then think about others in your circle of friends and those that might be standing right in front of you. Use the info flyer and project pictures to help,  and please share this project on your Facebook page and with anyone that may not have heard who also love Jim and Sarah.

Deadline: Tuesday, July 18th (for all intents and purposes, we need to have most of the money so we can purchase the materials)



Leads: Chris Hall and Layne Birchfield

Bring your tools ladies and gentleman!! 

Volunteers already: Glenn Martin, Jim Mullin, Will Bunting, Rick Baird, Kevin Moran, and anyone else that wants to help.

Action Step 1:

Coordinate the materials and equipment we need to complete the deck makeover

Action Step 2:

Actual Deck makeover

Action Step 3:

Come back and paint the deck

Deadline: Saturday, July 18th


Leads: Barb Smith(Outdoor Living items), Wayne(Flowers and Landscaping)

Volunteers: anyone that would like to Action Step 1: Coordinate getting all the materials and supplies for the job.

Action Step 2:

Actual Outdoor living and Landscape makeover.

Deadline: Saturday, July 18th


Leads: Chris Lauer

Volunteers: Anyone that would like to help

Action Step 1:


Action Step 2:

Actual Lunch

Deadline: Saturday, July 18th


Leads: Leslie and Janice

Action Step 1: Create Card (Complete)

Action Step 2:

Get card signed by everyone contributing money and/or helping out Saturday (Card will be stored at Alibis until Saturday, July 18th)

Action Step 3:

Get rest of signatures at work sight and present to Jim and Sarah!

That's the plan you guys. The combination of our efforts, funds and time will make a huge impact for Jim and Sarah. Thank you to all who can pitch in any way they can.

CONTACTS FOR INFORMATION AND DONATIONS: Layne Birchfield, Chris Lauer, Chris Hall, Barb Smith, Amber Clark, Lesley Hall, Janice Ike-Elgado, Wayne Ligocki


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We have a ton of momentum going into the weekend. We are up to 2670.00!!!

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