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Her Story

‘Amanda’ was trafficked since she was 12 years old, being forced to have sex with multiple men a night.  She grew up in central Indiana.  Being in a vulnerable age of adolescence and then meeting a 'friend' online through social media, her perpetrator promised love, care, and a family.  Over 3 months of online 'grooming' she was manipulated and then exploited in her home town.  She was in the child welfare system as a toddler and now has been arrested several times.  She just turned 18 yrs old.

This is her story and there are thousands of others like her's.

Who We Are

Restored, Inc is an Indiana based 501c3 non-profit organization providing direct victim services (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs) to girls between the ages of 11-24 who have been sexually exploited and trafficked domestically.  Along with direct care for girls, we provide:

  • Trauma Informed Outreach Case Management
  • Emergency Housing Referrals
  • Trauma Counseling/PTSD
  • Legal Services
  • Safety Planning

Why This Matters

In the shadows of our families, streets, neighborhoods, schools, and cities lies a dark secret. Our children are being sold for sex. This is a $150 billion dollar global industry that sexually exploits and trafficks our children, an estimated 100,000 – 300,000 children here in the States.

The average age of entry into commercial sex in the USA is 13 year old!

Restored was founded to expose the dark secret and come alongside of our children, shedding light into the darkest places of their lives. This year alone Restored has worked with 40 girls of which the average age is 16.

These girls are amazing! They are resilient! There is HOPE!  They all have dreams and ambitions in life and together we have an opportunity to come alongside of them in their healing and restorative process helping to make their dreams come true.

Her Story...Our Voice
Since coming into contact with ‘Amanda’, Restored has been able to help her pursue her dreams and her future! 'Amanda' is thriving in her first year of college and not only is she being empowered into her own future, she recently shared her story with other victims of sexual exploitation, providing hope to them and becoming a Restorer herself!

Your Voice

Over the next year, Restored looks to serve more girls like ‘Amanda’: providing them with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. We are looking to the near future to provide a long-term care facility in the state that will provide holistic restoration and empowerment for their futures’.

Their dreams are our dreams and we have the unique privilege of being a part of their STORY and their future!

Will you join us? Becoming apart of restoring a girls life and empowering her into a bright future not only changes her life but changes yours as well.

What You Can Do Now

This Christmas season we have to opportunity to give a gift of restoration!  Our culture is fascinated by finding items in need of restoration and making them into something new.  What if you had the opportunity to restore a life?!  Below you can see how your voice and your generosity can bring about true restoration!

One-Time Gifts of Hope

$10 helps provide basic necessities (hygiene products)
$25 helps provide food for one girl
$50 helps provide food and clothing for one girl
$100 helps provide recovery efforts of girls
$125 provides one hour of trauma therapy for one girl
$250 allows us to provide court advocacy for each girl
$500 allows Restored to educate each girl we serve
$1000 helps initiate our long-term care facility for 15-20 girls

Monthly gifts to Empower & Partner

$7.99/mo - your subscription to Netflix = helps Restored stop the demand of sex trafficking through awareness
$10/mo - 2.5 drinks from Starbucks to start your day = a Restored girl starting her day without fear
$15/mo - one entree at your favorite restaurant = working with FBI and local law enforcement to recover exploited minors
$25/mo - a spontaneous clothing purchase = gasoline to travel the state training more advocates for victims of human trafficking
$50/mo - a personal life insurance policy = insuring there is a new chapter to be written in these girls stories
$75/mo - your TV entertainment package = giving a girl the opportunity to entertain her true identity and purpose in life!
$100/mo - your cell phone bill = empowers the girls that have been restored to be restorers of the next generation!

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For our about Restored, Inc and the What, Why, Where and How, please go to our website at: http://www.restoredinc.org

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