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I started this class at our School and we currently have students sharing guitars as best they can during the class time but as you can imagine this is tough at best.

It also doesn't allow for any practice time and practice time is crucial as we all know.

I have already had students approach me and say
"I want to take that class so bad but am glad I didn't as there aren't enough guitars as it is."
To hear an 11 year old Middle School Student say this breaks my heart but it is more than that, it is such a small amount of money to give them access to Music.

The Problem

It is more than I can afford and more than the schools will allocate to Music Programs.

It is the world we live in - Arts and Music are the last on the list for funding.

That is why I am asking you to help...

This is not only a problem that can be solved - it can literally be solved today. 

The Solution

I plan on purchasing 15 guitars for 15 needy students to use who cannot afford one of their own and have not been able to learn how to make music so far in school.

Here is what each guitar pack includes:

  • The PR-4E Acoustic-Electric Guitar Player Pack includes a PR-4E acoustic guitar
  • 15-watt acoustic amp with guitar and microphone inputs as well as built-in chorus
  • Online lessons from eMedia to help them outside of the class
  • Clip-on headstock tuner
  • Guitar strap
  • Guitar cable
  • Gig bag

Why is it so Important?

Music as the universal language could provide an output for these needy students that could be the factor that keeps these students from searching for an outlet walking the streets.

As a musician and music teacher - I here everyday the difference that music made in the lives of those that were just simply given the opportunity.

It is my belief that the community and state will benefit as these students have somewhere else to express themselves instead of joining in with those who are looking for mischief.

I can get each of these acoustic guitar packs for $199.00 - just to provide the students that are enrolled in the class or have said they will IF we had instruments I need to raise $3,000.

Any additional funds raised will be used to grow this program or applied to the funds that are needed to replace the instruments in the Band Program that I also started over 20 years ago here at the school... and yes they are still using the same instruments.

How You Can Help

(1) Give anything that you can to support this project and take a stand for these kids and their access to music.

(2) Share this project on social media to help spread the word.

We are a very small community school and we can't offer rewards on the funding levels but what we can offer is that we will follow up and update this project and let you see the real difference in the world you made.

Thank you for any and all help you can give.


If you would like to see the guitars I am hoping to get they can be found here:  Guitar Packs For Tabor City Middle School

The educator price is $176.47 per unit for a total of $2, 647.05 plus shipping and taxes.

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