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Dayspring Center of Indianapolis

Mission: To meet the basic needs of homeless families seeking Assistance and connect them with opportunities to help them realize their potential.


Dayspring Center is one of the few emergency shelters in central Indiana that welcomes families with children of all ages.

The shelter not only addresses a family’s emergency needs for food, clothing and safe shelter, but more importantly, empowers them with the tools and resources they need to become a strong, healthy family again.

At Dayspring, the staff works with the entire family to address the issues that led to their homelessness and establishes a plan where they may work together to overcome their homelessness permanently!


On average, 70% of families are ready to exit the emergency shelter program and move into a place of their own within 60 days.

Families are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population in Indianapolis.

In fact, half of the total homeless population is comprised of “family”.

Homelessness hurts, especially the children.


The average age of a homeless person in central Indiana is 7!

These numbers will continue to increase unless we can help break the cycle.

That is where the Dayspring Center comes in. Instead of being a temporary solution to a growing problem, they spend their time with personal and specialized programs designed to lead a family back “home” and living a productive and independent way of life.

So they may continue to change the course of Indy’s homeless families, Dayspring Center partners with generous corporate sponsors and individuals to keep their doors open and offer “life-changing” services.



    • Shelter, feed, clothe, and assist homeless families with children of central Indiana.


  • Empower residents to become independent, self-supportive families again.



  • Work together with all sectors in our community to establish continuing financial and volunteer support.



  • Provide Dayspring Center’s services to all—regardless of ethnic or cultural heritage, income, health, or creed.




    • Last year, Dayspring Center assisted more than 150 families.


  • 70% of residents who complete our programs move directly into permanent housing.



  • 75% of residents enrolled in our Follow-up Program remain housed after 6 months of living away from shelter services.






There Are Many Other Ways To Support This Incredible Organization

(1) You can Support them by Clicking one of the Support Now buttons to the right and give directly to the Dayspring Center of Indianapolis.

(2) You can Support one of the Projects located in the Family Matters Project Section.

(3) You can create a project of your own in the Family Matters category and 30% of your proceeds will go to support the Dayspring Center.

(4) You can create a project and choose to be a child project of the Dayspring Center, all of your proceeds will go directly to the Daysprings Center, you do not even need to handle any funds.

(5) Volunteer at the Dayspring Center.

Dayspring Center of Indianapolis

What Sets Dayspring Center Apart

Our four phases of programming:

(1) Emergency Shelter

(2) Transitional housing at Wellspring Cottage

(3) Follow-up Program

(4) NEW this year - Children’s Services Program

This process provides a wide range of resources and supportive services to assist families at every critical point on their road to self-sufficiency.

Emergency Shelter Program – Families with children stay 45-60 days.

Wellspring Cottage Transitional Housing Program – Families stay for up to 2 years in apartment-like dwelling to work towards longer term goals, like education.

Follow-up Program – Extends support services and resources to families exiting the emergency shelter and making the difficult transition to independent housing and living.

Children’s Services Program – Provides support services to help homeless children address the adverse effects of their family’s homelessness and help them to better cope with their circumstance.

Facts about the Dayspring Center:

Dayspring Center is one of the few shelters in central Indiana that will accommodate families with children of all ages.

Children’s Services Program (CSP) – An extension of Dayspring’s core services, only tailored to children.

The program offers a more intensive and comprehensive approach to help children overcome the detrimental effects of their family’s homelessness.

Dayspring Center assists over 150 homeless families each year, including an average of 400 children.

Families stay an average of 45-60 days.

The vast majority (70%) of residents exit the shelter and are assisted with obtaining safe, affordable housing.

Dayspring Center will serve over 3200 meals a month.

At one time, Dayspring Center provides shelter for 14 families.

The harsh reality of it all is that the Dayspring Center receives 200-300 calls a month from families needing assistance that they simply can't help.

This is why we need your help.

Did you know that the leading cause of homelessness is the lack of affordable housing?

60% of the adults who enter the shelter are working, but simply don't make enough money to shelter and feed their families.

Please support this wonderful organization and help Indiana escape homelessness.


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