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About The Humanity Fund Projects:

At HumanityProject.com we believe that art matters and we are proud to stand with and be the space to support Art and Artist through crowdfunding, and provide a space for artist to sell their art while doing great things for the community.

When creators have created projects on HumanityProject.com and you support them - you not only support their own cause, project or artistic endeavors but by supporting them you are also supporting arts in a larger way.

30% of all funds raised by all projects and campaigns in the HumanityProject.com – Art Matters category goes to the Art Matters Humanity Fund.

We use these funds to increase awareness and directly fund community focused efforts that support the Arts.

We choose the recipients of this humanity fund based upon the suggestions of our community of artist's and those that support them.

We are not directly affiliated with these organizations but we do believe in what they stand for and use these funds as a way to give and support their visions.

It is truly wonderful to deliver a Surprise "Check" to these organizations that are so often understaffed, underpaid and overworked.

There are many ways to support these awesome organizations:

(1) You can Support them by Clicking one of the Support Now buttons to the right.

(2) You can Support one of the Projects and an Artist on their projects located in the Art Matters Project Section.

(3) We have included links where available to the organizations page.

This Months Art Matters Humanity Fund Proceeds Will Go To:

Art With a Heart

Our vision is that all children, regardless of background, have the opportunity to improve their quality of life through artistic expression.

Art With a Heart was born out of several women’s compassion and desire to serve those less fortunate. The story begins with Carol Conrad, who long dreamed of offering art classes to children in need. Conrad, who has a BS in Education, became a teacher with a desire and hope of providing a quality education to all children, regardless of their background. She taught for many years in both private and public schools. In 1990, she opened Kaleidoscope of Art, an art studio for children out of her home. By doing this Conrad was able to pursue her passion of teaching art while also remaining at home with her children. Conrad continued to teach but held fast to her dream of bringing art to those less fortunate. When those teachers she worked with began to individually suggest she do what she had dreamed of for so long, she took it as a sign. With the support and faith of those around her, Conrad took a leap of faith and founded Art With a Heart.

Since 2002, Conrad and her crew have touched the hearts and lives of thousands of children. In its initial year, Carol and her six teachers led 114 at-risk children through one week of summer art camp. Six short years later, Art With a Heart serves well over 1,200 youth each year through Honors art classes, after-school programs, Kindergarten classes and week long summer camps.

While Art with a Heart is proud to give children the joy-filled experience that comes from creative expression, the mission goes much deeper. Our programs uniquely integrate and reinforce academics within the artistic experience. We strive to teach skills that benefit children in both school and life. Lesson plans are designed to encourage critical thinking and build problem-solving skills. Curriculums include state-mandated educational standards. High teacher/student ratios (1/12) combined with numerous volunteers help us provide the attention our students need. Art With a Heart positively impacts the lives of thousands of children, and thereby builds better communities through art, education and love.

What You can Do To Help Create a Miracle for at risk children?
Start Here:

Please Pick A Funding Level To The Right and Give What You Can...

This is bigger than us but it is not bigger than all of us.

There are 2 types of funding levels:

Give Using Straight Giving:

One form is straight funding.

This has the most direct impact as there is no cost of physical rewards offered so the funds go directly to treatment.

This type of funding has knowing that you helped another human being and changed their life in a major way as it's reward.

Give With A Reward Offered:

The other form of funding has rewards offered.

The funds raised less the cost of the reward go to help the cause and the rewards are designed to help raise awareness.

Stacking On The Cool with HumanityProject.com:

Whether you decide to fund using straight giving or with a reward, you are helping not only Artistic Creativity for our youth, but also untold others through HumanityProject.com and their "Humanity Funds".

HumanityProject.com is a Benefits Corporation and uses fees raised to support the platform and uses their Humanity Funds to further humanity focused causes.

Next Step:

After you have funded  - you will get your receipt will appear with links to share the project.

You can always come back and share the project and help raise awareness using the links below the video as well.

Share This Project on your Facebook, Twitter, Google +, E-mail and Text.

Progress and Updates:

Once you have mad the decision to help and taken action - You will have access to your dashboard on HumanityProject.com and will get progress reports, you can create projects of your own or even a project for the benefit of another cause.

IF you want to give but don't see the specific amount you want -

Select the Give What You Can Level and Enter the Amount on The Next Screen.

Every Dollar Counts and Matters.

Once you are a member (donor or creator) of HumanityProject.com we will keep you updated on the difference you have made.


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