Parent Projects

At Humanity Project we have the parent project option. This means that you may create a project and we can link it to an existing project. Our hope is that small orginizations and individuals will see the benefit of raising money for causes without the hassle of all the accounting.

How it works

  • You see a project that you believe in and want to support.
  • You create your own project to raise funds for existing project.
  • Select the Organization you want to support and in the Notes Section  state that this is a child project of (name of existing project).
  • When you are ready to launch we will see that line and link your projects together.

That’s it!

Now you are ready to promote your project with all of your friends and family and be part of something bigger. You took the initiative to get involved so don’t stop there.

Enroll everyone you know to help support you being big in the world.

Helpful hints

The greatest thing about parent projects is that all of the money you raise goes directly to the parent project.

That’s right, no need to link your own bank account or set up a stripe account.

That being said I recommend your project be donation based.

This is because you will not have any money to cover your expenses for your rewards.

If you can reach the owner of the parent project they will likely allow you to offer their rewards and fulfill them for you.

If you have special instructions or want to add the parent project rewards to your project, we can do that!!

For special instructions and questions drop us a line at