Membership Registration


Becoming a member of is fast, free and easy.

All you need is an email address.

As a member you can  create projects, fund projects, enable instant checkout.

Additionally, all of your project information as a funder or a creator is kept organized in one dashboard.

First you must go to and click on register in the top right corner.

Then you will be asked for an email address.

~ This email address will be our primary way to contact you if need be and also your username when logging into your dashboard.

~ No, this information will not be shared with other businesses or organizations.

~ It will be shared with the creators of projects you support so that they may thank you and keep you updated on their project.

After creating an account you are able to contribute to projects with no additional information needed.

If you plan on contributing to projects that have physical rewards to send you, make sure you fill in your shipping information under my account in your members dashboard.

See : Fund A Humanity Project for more information.


If you are creating projects you must link a bank account to your account.

Connecting your project and bank account is done through a third party payment gateway service, STRIPE, for several reasons.

~ First, they keep all of your information locked up so that it is never stored on our site.

~ Secondly, it allows for you to start projects from almost twenty different countries, and accept payments  from more than a hundred different currencies.

~ This also delivers funds directly to your account eliminating the hassles of waiting for your money.

Click here for instructions on starting and linking your stripe account.

If you are funding a project you do not need a stripe account.