Fund a Humanity Project

If you are moved, touched and inspired by a worthy cause please make a contribution and share with the world!

If you do not have an account at, or you are not logged into your account when reaching the checkout page for a project, you will be asked to create an account or login.

Why we ned your e-mail address…

This is where you will receive your reciepts, project updates and serves as another security verification.

We take your security VERY seriously!

When you make a contribution to a project your project creator needs at a minimum your email address to keep you up to date on progress and to deliver any of your physical products and digital downloads.

When creating an account all that is asked for is your name, email and payment information.

The usual stuff.

After you contribute or fund a project – you will be taken to your dashboard.


IF you have physical rewards for your contribution you will want to complete your shipping information.

When you contribute to a project the projects creator will be able to download all orders into a spreadsheet to fulfill on their promise.

Additionally, you will have all of your orders and receipts stored for you in your dashboard.


You will also see a box on the bottom of your account page that says “enable instant checkout.”

After making a contribution one time, you can enable instant checkout and stripe will attach the card used to your profile.

What this does is allow for instant checkout from any device without Humanity Project (or anyone else) seeing your card information. Pretty cool huh?

This is not required and totally up to you if you would like to add this feature for ease of use.