The word fee is appropriate, however, our fee’s are different than any other platform out there. We see the gap of funds raised for worthy causes and the actual money given for the cause growing further and further apart.

We want to be space for entrepreneurs and fundraisers to combine their reach and further their causes while making a real difference in the world.

We understand that to operate and facilitate the raising of funds takes man hours and money. We are dedicated to lowering the cost of raising funds and increasing one’s reach at the same time.

How do you plan to do that you ask?

With the creation of Humanity Funds. All projects on HumanityProject.com will be connected to a Humanity Fund. When you create a project, You choose a charity or cause via a Humanity Fund or their own project, to directly benefit from your project.

How does this work?

30 % of all funds raised goes to a Humanity Fund. 40 % of that goes directly to the nominated charitable organization. The other 60 % of that money is used to promote, advertise,  and assist these projects to raise money for the Humanity Fund so that we can give back.

Our payment Processor takes 2.9% and .30 per transaction for credit card fees. This is paid from the creators 70%.

We have found that it costs way more than 30 % for businesses to advertise and charities to raise funds, so by combining all efforts and providing the space, we hope to drive these costs down with greater success for all.