Escape Room coming to Indianapolis

You have probably heard by now of the new craze of escape rooms. Made world famous by the Science Channel’s show Race To Escape.

You are locked in a room, certain doom awaits and you only have 60 minutes to put together the clues and escape. Sound like a good time?

These escape rooms are popping up all over the world and Indianapolis is next.

In 2014, Scott and Marjorie Neal were on vacation and stopped in Budapest, Hungary. While there, they visited a place called Exit The Room with a group of  friends. It was the number one tourist attraction in all of Budapest so they had to give it a shot.

Not knowing what to expect, they were given instructions upon arrival and then locked in a room. Clue after clue, combination after combination, the group combined all of their wits but the clock kept ticking. After sixty brain-teasing minutes, they failed to exit the room and save the world. However, the experience was intoxicating and it never left Escape Room Indianapolis founder Scott Neal’s veins.

This inspired Scott to bring this experience to Indiana.

Escape Room Indianapolis Day Spring Center Humanity Project

The grand opening of Escape Room Indianapolis is coming October 2nd! It is located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis right above the Old Spaghetti Factory at 200 South Meridian. You may now purchase tickets and book your spots for the greatest live entertainment experiences in Indianapolis.

This is where it gets really cool. Scott and Marjorie, and their partners, Brendon Harbron, Daniel Chillemi, David Bartz, Marc White, and Richard Farkas believe as we believe, that businesses have a responsibility to be part of their community and give back. That is why Escape Room Indianapolis has chosen to sell 500 early bird tickets to benefit the Dayspring Center of Indianapolis.

When you buy these tickets at, 30% of your purchase goes into a Humanity Fund that directly supports the Dayspring Center of Indianapolis.

The Dayspring Center of Indianapolis has  has helped over 4,000 families, including 12,000 children find their way “home” since they started in 1987. One of the only shelters in Indiana to allow entire family units, they have specialized programs and 70% of their residents are independent upon graduation.

Congratulations Escape Room Indianapolis for taking a stand. Most businesses will never take this kind of a stand, let alone design around it from day one.

Support Escape Room Indianapolis and The Dayspring Center all at the same time!! Purchase your tickets from the Escape Room Indy Humanity Project below and be one of the first to experience Escape Room Indianapolis!

If you would like to give directly to the Dayspring Center or find out how to get involved, check out the Dayspring project above.

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