Create a project for good…

Become a Creator:

To create a project you must first register at

STEP#1: To register and get started CLICK HERE TO REGISTER  or if you are already a member of the community CLICK HERE TO LOGIN.

If you need further instructions on how to register at Click Here.

After creating an account at, there is one more step necessary to create projects.

Important: If you would like to partner with Aggressively Organic, reach out to a member of their team and they will assist you with this process.

STEP #2: Go to your dashboard ( CLICK HERE TO LOGIN ) and click on my account.

Scroll down to the bottom and check the box next to “Become a Creator”.

Check this box and click update profile to save your new settings.

Congratulations – You are now a Creator on!

Step #3: Refresh your browser and will see some new Tabs: Creator Profile, Payment Account, and My Projects at the top of your dashboard.

The Creator Profile and Dashboard will keep all of your projects past and present easily available to you.

Connecting Your Payment Account:

The Payment Account is where you will connect your STRIPE account to your account.

This is a quick, simple and secure process.

Make sure you have done this before going live with your projects.


If no STRIPE account is linked to your project all of the funds associated will go directly to – if that is what you intended and want us to use those for a Humanity Funds let us know which fund and we will do so

BUT if you want the funds to come to you or your cause you must setup the Stripe account BEFORE your project goes live!

We are serious please do not forget this very important step!

Creating a Project:

“My Projects” is where you create a project.

Click on “My Projects” and select create project.

From there you will go to the project submission form.

We have a Save as Draft button on the bottom so you can start immediately and save your work even without having the whole project ready.

When you are ready to go live switch your project to pending review.

For instructions and helpful hints on creating your new project we are working on video tutorials – these will also be in your dashboard and we will be sending you updates via e-mail as new features and tutorials launch.

Until these are complete – PLEASE ask if you have questions or need anything.

We are in this together.

That’s it!!

You are ready to roll.