About Us

What is the Humanity Project?

Humanity Project is space for individuals, communities, social entrepreneurs and organizations to combine their values, goodwill and goals with the goals of others who are committed to making a real difference in the world.

We believe that we are all stronger together than we are by ourselves.

How does it work?

We (Creative Crowdfunding Corporation & HumanityProject.com) are a Benefits Corporation that was formed to make a substantial impact for the good of humanity and society.

As one of fewer than 1500 (at the time of formation) Benefits Corporations in the world we believe in Social Entrepreneurship and that business can and should be done in a way that benefits others.

To us, that is more than some words thrown together – It is the metrics by which we judge and evaluate everything we do.

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, we do not take a fee for hosting your individual projects instead we choose to take a stand for humanity.

We proudly and firmly stand beside our project creators, project backers and those that benefit from the generous sharing of the community.

All projects will fit under a specific category or cause, selected by project creators.

These causes and categories at HumanityProject.com  have a Humanity Fund™ attached to it.

When you give to a project, 30% of all funds raised are designated to one or more of these Humanity Funds to increase the global impact, raise awareness, and fund humanitarian, environmental, and social causes across the world in that particular space.

Creating Child Projects

To help everyone get involved and really work together as a crowdfunding community we made it easy for you to create child projects.

What this means is that if you see a project that moves and inspires you, and you believe you can help the cause, you can create a project that feeds directly into that project and into a Humanity Fund.

This does away with all of the hassles of linking bank accounts and raising money under your own name, which could have tax ramifications.

This further breaks down barriers and eliminates limitations for you to do good in the world.

If you have a major organization and are interested in creating parent projects for individual fundraisers to feed with child projects please email us at team@humanityproject.com – We would love to help you raise money and change the world.

What if miracles are not something that just happens but are something we can create together?

Jonathan Partlow / Co-Founder HumanityProject.com